4 Steps to a Perfect Luuup

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1. Add litter

2. Sift once daily

3. Verify tray orientation

4. Top up with litter


Our Recommended Cat Litters

Here's a list of our top performing litter products collected from user feedback to make your cleaning experience as easy as possible.

Arm & Hammer Slide

Lots of users are reporting good results and easy of cleaning with this product.


World's Best Cat Litter

Pet, people & planet friendly with outstanding odor control.


Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter’s patented technology traps odors and urine and has an absorption rate of 150%.


Litter Products with Possible Issues

Our customers are reporting issues with the following litter products: Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, Fresh Step and S'wheat Scoop, Yesterday's News & Pellet Based. Users reporting these litters do not clump effectively. Liquid Waste often does not clump at all and creates a paste that sticks.

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